Oracle Certified Java Associate is the entry level certification; it’s not even a prerequisite for OCJP. It’s supposed to be a test of you basic knowledge of Java, and while learning for this certification, you should be brought into the world of Java. It should teach you about:

  • Fundamental Object – Oriented Concepts
  • UML Representation of Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Java Implementation of Object-Oriented Concepts
  • Algorithm Design and Implementation
  • Java Development Fundamentals
  • Java Platforms and Integration Technologies
  • Client Technologies
  • Server Technologies

Your test will be divided into these categories as well, and when graded at the end of the test, you will get you complete score, plus your score in each of these categories.

If you want to pass the test, I suggest reading the OCJA book. If you understand what’s in it, you will understand and pass the test, too. If you’re a somewhat experienced Java programmer/developer, you should still check the book out – at least the parts that are the most theoretical ones. You will get pretty detailed questions about technologies; for example; differences between servlets and applets, differences between Swing and AWT, differences between J2ME, J2SE, J2EE and so on.

To get the feel of how the test will look like, and how the question are being asked, check any of the following links:

All of the questions listed on these sites look exactly like the ones in the actual test. If you’re looking to spend some money as well, software is a great help, and has quite a few mock tests, quizzes, questions and so on.