This plugin allows you to use Facebook comments on your site,  allowing your users to post comments to your articles, pages and so on. And it’s really great and not hard to set up, but it has something called grammar filter, a stupid, stupid feature.

What does the grammar filter do?

  • Adds punctuation (e.g. periods at the end of sentences)
  • Trims extra whitespace
  • Expands slang words (e.g. plz becomes please)
  • Adds a space after punctuation (e.g. Hi,Cat would become Hi, Cat)

First, it’s enabled by default. It’s even enabled by default if your page is not in English. So, you get into really weird situations where the filter corrects a proper word from some other language (for instance ‘da’, which in Croatians means ‘yes’), thinking it’s a slang word for the ‘yes’ in English. Second, how can you think about expanding slang words in today’s society, and on the Internet, when you know that, what, every second work is shortened in some way?

But that doesn’t even matter all that much, since this obviously can be turned off. Let’s see Facebook’s instructions on how to do that:

  • You can enable the grammar filter from the settings section of the plugin (hah, it’s enabled by default)

Well, that doesn’t help much. I know you’re asking yourself where the hell is that settings section. I managed to find it only when I started to actually use the plugin. Basically, on the upper-right corner of the comment box, you will see a ‘settings’ actions, and everything else is self-explanatory from there. Have a look at the images.

If you find these settings accessible from somewhere else, I’d appreciate if you’d let me know.